Vema is now using Bcaster

Bcaster is an AI-powered platform designed to facilitate the connection between individuals and corporations. Vema has been actively exploring various avenues to monitor the global operations of our firefighting vehicles. The utilization of Bcaster enables us to achieve this objective by allowing individuals to submit images of our firefighting vehicles in action from any location.

For example, Bcaster’s application is evident in its collaboration with the Finnish news company, MTV Uutiset. Through Bcaster, MTV Uutiset enables individuals to submit visual content related to their news articles.

The picture in top is an example of such contributions being a photograph taken by Leo Cederberg in Rauma, Finland, which has been uploaded to our Bcaster platform.

As a manufacturer specializing in firefighting vehicles, Vema recognizes the significance of affording firefighters the opportunity to carry out their duties in a tranquil environment. While Vema currently employs Bcaster, it is imperative to emphasize that we do not endorse the documentation of accidents or any disruption of firefighting and first responders during their operations.

For convenient access to Bcaster, we have provided links on our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Or by using this link below.