Compact performance meets unparalleled reach

The latest series of vehicles for firefighting and rescue aerial platforms with advanced performance, construction, and ergonomic design. Working heights of the F-series range from 32 to 90 metres.

Thanks to their uniquely modern design, the F-series vehicles sport an unparalleled horizontal reach of up to 40 metres – longest in the industry. In addition, they achieve a below-ground reach of up to 22 metres. The safety work platforms of the F-series’ models have a maximum load of 600 kgs.

Despite its impressive reach and performance, the F-series vehicle itself is only 12 metres long; making it a formidably compact firefighter built for even the most demanding conditions.

  • Advanced high-performance firefighter
  • Working height from 32 to 90 metres
  • Unparalleled horizontal reach up to 40 metres
  • Below-ground reach up to 22 metres
  • Safety Work Platform with a maximum load of 600 kg
  • Vehicle transport length 9.4 -12 metres
  • Powder-coated for corrosive protection

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